Feel your bass again

Struggling to feel? we hear you!

BackBeat is the portable, wearable subwoofer that Lets you feel every low note you play

jon stage.jpg

modern stages have gone ampless


Music, especially bass, is felt as much as heard. Without a cab on stage, bass players can’t feel what they are playing

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IEMs bring back the sound


Great for singers and sound guys, but bass players are stranded on a deserted island of silence when it comes to feeling low notes


do you miss the feel?


Are you confident without the feel? Do you wish you could move around on stage? Is your bass playing as epic as it could be?

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Backbeat shakes your back

I love the response it gives you
— Jason

BackBeat makes you feel like you’re standing in front of a cab. It matches:

-the intensity of your playing

-the pitch of the note you’re playing


Backbeat helps you practice

Plug in your IEMs and auxiliary input and practice anywhere

when i need to practice, just plug ‘er in and go!
— Alex
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Get backbeat

and feel your BASS again!

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Live set up


  • Clip it on

  • Plug it in

  • Move anywhere on stage

  • Feel every note



  • lightweight

  • fits in your gig bag

  • recharges fast

  • play and practice anywhere

self contained


  • no external amp needed

  • no external power needed

  • true bypass

  • battery lasts 3-5 hrs


Billy BackBeat 2.jpg
josh quote.jpg

“IEMs are made even better with the help of BackBeat. Being able to feel every note has made me feel more in control than ever”-Josh

duane quote.jpg

“Rockin this BackBeat. This is a whole ‘nother level!!!!!!”-Duane

victor quote.jpg

“All of a sudden my hands were moving in ways they hadn’t moved in years because I was able to play lighter and still feel more”-Victor Wooten




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